Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Changes are on the horizon.  Not like I have that much time for this, but I've been impressed, lately, that I need this blog (when I actually get to it) to be slightly more  focused. I like blogging, probably since I was a diary-keeper from the time I was 9 until  2004.  So, this will become my non-musical creative/crafty blog.  I'll use it for fiber art topics and my wax seal collection and exploits. I will migrate guitar and other music posts to the blog to which I have begun to publish my podcast's show notes in order to reach  a broader audience. That blog is the Guitar Technique Tutor blog on blogger.  My Christian topics will also migrate, so they can reach a more targeted audience and they will be at The Unbroken Seal blog on blogger. Currently, that blog is under construction - and I mean really under construction. 

I know.  I barely have time for this blog and I have neglected it for several months.  Lots was going on. E-Rex is now finished with radiation and if I manage my time correctly, I'm hoping to get back to posting my crafting here and on Ravelry (when it involves yarn.)

It will take a while to apply these changes. Here's hoping to be blogging more, even if the  posts are brief.

Monday, January 28, 2013

new additions

A few seals added to my collection since Christmas are an oval brass sea horse, a round brass 9 candle menorah and a Nostalgic Impressions initial D adjustable seal ring.
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