Tuesday, June 4, 2013

summer baby blanket and 2 hats

It seems like babies come in bunches.  The spate of pregnancies and the resultant babies for which I feel the need to create gifts began last year about this time, with Denise's baby Jayden.  He arrived in July.  Denise manages our apartment building. I made the Caron Candy Cable Baby Blanket

Then, another woman who works in the office in our building, Katie, announced that she was expecting her second baby, a girl, who came in early January.  During Super Storm Sandy, I made another Candy Cable Baby Blanket, that I re-named Sandy Cable Baby Blanket because I had to use a wonky color for the last round because I ran out of yarn and there were no yarn stores open (or streets, for that matter) for quite a while.

Then, in March, I learned that a friend, Rossi, was expecting a baby in July. 

Having just obtained Edie Eckman's Connect the Shapes book, I couldn't resist doing a JAYGO baby blanket so I chose the Summer Baby Blanket in the book. 

I finished it in late May and had a good bit of the color yarn left so I made a couple shell stitch baby hats. I used Vanna's Choice yarn.


They were all big hits at the baby shower on Sunday. Rossi said she wants to bring Daniella home in the blanket and one of the hats.  The blanket isn't what used to be called a "receiving blanket," but I'm glad she likes it that much.

Of course, Sabrina, the third and only other woman who works in the office, here in our building, is now expecting. She is due in August.  Since she, Kate and Denise are well acquainted and friends, I am in the process of crocheting the Caron Candy Cable Baby Blanket for her soon-coming daughter.  The baby is going to have a rather unusual name, so I am using unusual colors.  I hope to have it finished before the month is over.  

Now the question is, since Rossi liked the blanket and hats so much, should I offer to make a Christening gown?  

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