Saturday, July 6, 2013

Candy cable round baby afghan #3

There is a flurry of babies coming so I have been crocheting more than I ever have before.  Crochet is great for gifts because it works up fast, and when it comes to baby things, crochet is durable.  As soon as I finished Edie Eckman's Summer Baby Blanket, mentioned in a recent post, I began my 3rd Candy Cable Round Baby Afghan by Caron. I made 2 last year, for the young moms who work in the office of our apartment building.  Now, the assistant to one of the moms is now expecting her 1st baby and that calls for a 3rd Candy Cable Round Baby Afghan.  I didn't want to make her something different from the other 2.

The photo doesn't show the color very well.  The yarns I chose are Purple Print and White from Lion  Brand's Vanna's Choice line.


Not such baby colors, you say? I couldn't agree more, but this little girl is unique before she's even born.  She will be given an unusual name - a name that her parents created.  I thought, any little girl with  a name like hers cannot have a conventional pink baby blanket.  Purple print seemed more fitting.

Th pattern is easy, uses a lot of yarn (which is good if one is de-stashing, as I am)  and is always well received.   Sabrina's baby girl (I'm not going to tell you her name) is due in a few weeks. Her shower is Wednesday.  

Like my last Candy Cable Round Baby Afghan, (which I dubbed Sandy Cable Round Baby Afghan, because I crocheted it during Super Storm Sandy and had to use an "emergency" color for the last round, because all the stores were closed for a week or 2 and I ran out of yarn ) I confess, I had some help crocheting this one.

He's so nosey!

baby bear cocoon set

Miriana's first baby, Noah, is on his way in August.  The baby shower is tomorrow and I hope she and Chris are  going to like this baby bear cocoon set. This cocoon idea, for wrapping up baby in chilly weather, rather than using a blanket that isn't easy to control, is catching on, and understandably so.  There's plenty of wiggle room, but baby can't squirm out. He or she remains warm and protected.   I'll elaborate a bit on the pattern in my Ravelry project notes.  I didn't follow it. I think it could have used better tech editing. Despite the pattern being somewhat funky,  I think the set is cute.  My source is a booklet by Annie's Attic called Cuddle Cocoons.

I used acrylic yarn, because it's for a baby and I was thinking: washability and non-allergenic.  The premium acrylics fit the bill nicely.  I find that although they are kind of blech as you're working with them, they bloom after washing, and are definitely soft enough for baby skin to touch.

For this project, I used Vanna's Choice in Chocolate and Oatmeal, by Lion Brand. I like that Lion Brand has given over $1 million of their proceeds from Vanna's Choice, to St Jude's Children's Hospital.  Here's a short video about it.  Kudos to Vanna and Lion Brand for directing a portion of their proceeds to such a worthy charity.

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