Monday, July 8, 2013

$wiffer $avinga

I've been using a Swiffer Wet Jet to clean my bathroom and kitchen floors for a long time.  I've had a pattern for a crocheted craft cotton washable "sock" to use rather than those costly disposable (and not that efficient) pads.  I have the older model, that has a single spray from the center.

I'm "cold sheeping" and trying not only to not purchase any new yarn, but I'm destashing, too.  I don't know what I was thinking when I loaded up on Bernat HandiCrafter Cotton gigantic balls when they were on sale at JoAnn some years ago.  They are definitely "craft" yarn and not garment quality cotton. When I used my penultimate Swiffer pad, I remembered that I had knit and crochet patterns for reusable pads and that I had tons of yarn that was perfect for the purpose.  Kismet!!

I made a few of these handy little helpers.  Today, when I mopped my floors, I was more than satisfied.  It cleaned well and  after a rinse in the sink, I will toss it into the washer the next time I do laundry.

The crochet pattern I used was free from Lily Sugar n Cream. I should say, the first pattern I used was that one.  When I completed it, I didn't understand why it needed to be constructed in 3 pieces.

 So the subsequent ones, I improvised as a single long rectangle, then I single crocheted the ends inward.   I fiddled with the number of chains with which to begin for the correct snugness, but it wasn't difficult.  

Unfortunately, now the Swiffer Wet Jets have dual sprays, and I wouldn't be surprised if the new design isn't intended to dissuade crafters from making these "socks."  Glad I've got an old one.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


When my last birthday occurred, in May, it was a significant one.  I thought about some of the things I want to accomplish, long term, short term, and plenty in between.  Yeah, you could call it a bucket list.

One of the things on the list was to tutor or teach adults ESL (English as a Second Language.)  A couple decades ago, I was killing time between 2 guitar students, in a local library.  As I was reading or writing I overhear an ESL tutor working with a student.  I distinctly recall thinking, "I could do that. I could probably do that well."  No sooner did determine that this is the time when I should and can tutor ESL, than I saw a notice in the local paper, indicating that there was a training program beginning the following week.  I enrolled and took the class.  It was thorough, intensive and although I'm a capable teacher and love the English language, the method is extremely counter-intuitive.

I took the test when the course concluded and I have received my certification from Literacy Volunteers of Pascack Valley, which is part of Literacy Volunteers of NJ, under the umbrella of ProLiteracy.  I should have my first student or class by the end of this month.  I may blog about my ESL experiences.  I look forward to teaching those without or with extremely limited English,  which will be nothing short of  life changing. 
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