Friday, August 23, 2013

Red Heart Kate's Shawl and Friends

I was so happy to complete my Kate's Shawl!

Once I used Raveler lizacorrea's mods, the pattern was easy to knit and intuitive.  I used brass color rings from KnitPicks to mark each  pattern repeat. Not that it was difficult, but it enabled me to look away from my work and feel where I was, which is helpful if you're chatting while you knit.  

When I had over 200 stitches on my cable needle, it disconnected from the needle tips!  The worst part was that I wasn't at home. I was in the waiting room of business office at which E-Rex and I had an imminent appointment.  Oh, boy!  The blessing was that the Soft yarn is a bit grippy for an acrylic, so I held my breath and very slowly and carefully threaded the needle-less cable  through each loose stitch.  I didn't count them, but I think about 80 or so would be a fair estimate.  I captured them all, even though many were not properly mounted on the cable, they were on.  When I changed the cable, attached needles and resumed knitting, I adjusted stitches that faced the wrong way.  

I wanted a bolder ruffle than in the original pattern, so I did and extra 2 rows. My Kate's ruffles are plump and I like them. It caused me to use just a little bit of a 5th ball of yarn. (The pattern calls for  4 skeins. I always buy an extra for swatching and to allow for gauge disparity.)

When the shawl was complete, I had nearly a ball of yarn left over.  I'm in a real de-stash groove, so I wanted to use the remainder.   I improvised a simple hat, based on the shawl's textured stitch pattern.  It knit up quickly.

I still had yarn left, so i created a cowl.  I won't wear them all together.  The had and shawl will work, or the hat and cowl. Or, just the hat, just the cowl or just the shawl.


You can find the full set of Flickr Photos here.

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