Sunday, September 8, 2013

Scallop Crochet Scarf

I have radically pared down the number of people for whom I craft gifts in the past year. One friend, in Philadelphia still received hand crafted gifts - usually yarn crafted.  It's less than 4 months until Christmas, so I have been looking through some patterns for her.

I came across the Scallop Crochet Scarf by Lion Brand and liked it.  Since it's a quick crochet project and I wasn't sure I wanted to make it for her, I decided to make a prototype for myself from left over Vanna's Choice Prints.

vanna's choice

The pattern was simple but the scarf needed light blocking.  You don't usually think of acrylic needing blocking, but this scarf looked so much better afterward. It was the first crochet project I have made that worked from both sides of the foundation chain.  This scarf is strictly a fashion statement, not for warmth.  The jury is still out as to whether I will make it for my friend or not -- leaning toward not because I have found a pattern for a hat and scarf that I think are more "her."



Do the Math

We are finally having the first few 70-something degree days, which means crisp autumn days are coming. Quite a while ago, I purchased some Knit Picks Felici Sport yarn in Streambed. It's a discontinued colorway and weight, or I'd link to it.

The chocolate brown in this striping yarn is the same color as a cape I wear a lot while transitioning to winter.  As soon as I saw the Ravelry pattern called Hedgerow Mitts, by Amy Ripton, I knew those were the mitts I needed to knit to keep my arms warmer when donning my capes.  I began swatching this week.

swatch fragment

final swatch

I loved the feel of the yarn, I liked the fabric I created with the recommended needle size, but I was sure I'd run into gauge trouble because the pattern calls for fingering weight yarn for womens' size mitts.  I could have gone down a size or 2 but I didn't want a denser fabric.  

That meant I had to (gasp!)  DO THE MATH! I haven't met a number I liked since 2nd grade, so it was something I put off for a few days.  Once I calmed down and thought through how I needed to adjust the pattern to reflect my larger gauge, which meant fewer pattern repeats around the arm.  I tweaked the numbers a little to make the number of stitches/repeats work neatly because the fabric created in the Hedgerow Mitts is quite stretchy.  

I cast them on last night and will create a new post for the FO, when they are finished. 

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