Friday, September 27, 2013

Hedgerow Mitts

These were the mitts for which I had to suck it up and do the math, as I mentioned in a recent post. I hate doing the math. I  made some brief notes on my Ravelry project page  a couple nights ago. I'll try to be a bit more cogent, here.

The first thing I have to say as a math-dreader, is, it was totally worth it to do the math. I wanted to use the Knit Picks Felici Sport yarn I purchased some time ago. I'm on a stash-busting mission, going cold sheep -- or almost, anyway AND I like the yarn.  Amy's pattern calls for fingering weight yarn, so my gauge in sport was not going to make gauge, unless I knitted it so tightly that I wouldn't want to wear them.  So, I knit a gauge swatch that gave me pleasing fabric, calculated my gauge, and considered the changes I would need to make in the pattern.  If you like these mitts and like me, desire to use some other weight/gauge yarn,  the most important issue is that the pattern repeat is over  6 stitches. You need to begin with multiples of 6, and after increases and for the thumb gusset, you need multiples of 6. For me, that overrode the exact measurement around my arm/wrist/hand, because the knitted fabric has lots of stretch.  I rounded down, to the nearest multiple of 6 stitches to get my cast on count.  For me, that was 54 stitches.  Simply put, I had one less stitch repeat than the original pattern. Easy.

I've made other mitts just by casting on, knitting, making the gusset etc. without a pattern.  Some fit great and others are a little looser than I prefer. So, on this pattern, I elected to only increase on 1 side of the mitt, the side on which I was going to do the thumb gusset. I made the hand increase and later, the thumb gusset, the same way.  For me, this fits my hand just the way I like it.

A tip I would pass along is to use markers on either side of the increases.  That way, you can knit with less brain drain, as you're filling in that partial pattern between the purls for the increases.

I purposely made my mitts longer than the pattern directs because I wear a lot of 3/4 sleeve tops and a lot of capes/shawls.  I wanted a comfortably snug fit around the fingers and top of the thumb, so rather than using my usual Jeny's  Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, I just used the similar, but less stretchy K2 tog through the back, return the stitch to the left needle, K2 tog through the back, return to the left needle etc.

I'm sorry I only bought this Felici Sport when Knit Picks was clearing it out. It's a very nice yarn.  They still have some Felici Sock (fingering weight) available. The 2 skeins had a little disparity between the lengths of the colors.  I'm a bit OCD when it comes to stripes matching.  I don't care if I have to waste 25% of the ball or skein, I want my stripes to be somewhat even. There were 2 spots where I had to cut out about 14" or so of one color in the same skein.  Oh well, I'll use it for waste yarn.

Thanks, Amy, for the pattern.  I may make it again in the other colorway of Felici Sport I still have in my stash -- we'll see.

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