Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bogged and Frogged

I'm ambivalent about unravelling a project, though, of late, I'm loosening up about it. 

A few weeks ago I began a STS (Simple Tunisian Stitch) scarf for a friend. I liked it because I used a solid and a multicolor yarn - sock weight - and the created fabric looked loom-woven and a little bohemian.  In fact, I liked it a lot and thought I'd make one for myself after the madness of holiday crafting subsides.

If you happened to see my comments about the project on Ravelry, you would have read that I'd ripped it out  3 times.  Fast forward a few weeks and that number is shamefully low.  At first, I ripped it out because I didn't like how I tensioned the right side stitches. The left side stitches were fine but the right ones were loose here and there.  Looser than I thought could be blocked out.   To add a little more discontentment, I saw a very obvious split stitch or 2 a few inches below where I was working.  If the piece were all in one yarn, it wouldn't have bothered me, but since the vertical bars and the pulled through chains contrasted, the split vertical bar stitches were little "V's" as opposed to vertical lines.  I always tell fellow yarn crafters that no one will notice the small mistake their eye goes to every time they look at their project. It's true, unless it's at a focal point or it's a big hole.  These 2 split stitches made me crazy!! Of course I ripped back, yet again.  

As I sat on my love seat, surrounded by kinky yarn, I just couldn't bear continuing, so I unraveled the entire thing.  I decided the sock yarn will either become socks or will be some other project. As soon as I made that decision, it was like someone released a tourniquet from around my head.  I'm not often frustrated, but when I am, it's  unbearable.  Too bad about the scarf, but yippee for freedom.

So now, the friend will still receive a scarf.  I did some stash diving. I needed to  touch something really soft.  Silky Malabrigo?  Yes, it's soft but it won't work for this gift. Misty Alpaca, nice and soft but still not right.  This friend needs something silky and soft and smooshy.  I found some old discontinued Patons Carmen. The few gifts I had made from it years ago are still being used and I am always reminded by the recipients, how great the scarves feel.  Done!

Because the Carmen is so foofy and texture rich, I'm just doing a randomly striped short scarf.  I will add a scarf/shawl pin and voila, the gift will be just fine.  Crisis averted and stash decreased.

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