Friday, December 27, 2013

LYS Discounts

I'm not looking forward to my favorite of the LYSs in my area closing.  It's sad on a personal level as well as a social and commercial one.  A few weeks ago, I went there to pick up a couple of 2mm circular needles.  I had one that broke and I was in the midst of a project that HAD TO be finished ASAP. I purchased 2 different brands that I had not used but had heard and read several good reviews. One was the iconic Addi Turbos (lace, in this case) and the other was ChiaoGoo (Knit Red).

While I was browsing what circular needles were still available, I noticed some Knit Picks Caspian cables. I have several different sets Knitters Pride interchangeable knitting needles.  For me, they are practical, well priced, and overall, they are durable.  I knit many projects like socks, sleeves, mitts etc. on 2 circs, rather than a short one or 4 or 5 dpns.  I have both purple and black cables. (Purple from the Knitters Pride Knit Picks Options and black from  regular Knitters Pride general line.)  I picked up a few green Knitters Pride Knit Picks Caspian cables in lengths I use often.  I went back the following week to get a few more but they were sold out.  Bummer.

I finished my project using both the ChiaoGoo and the Addi needles.  I loved the Addis.  The jury is still out on the ChiaoGoos.  I will use them again.  The bend in the needle feels foreign, but not necessarily bad.  I like the cables on both needles.

When I returned to the store, only to find no Caspian cables left, I did find something else. Because the LYS is closing, everything is discounted by  20%.  There were 2 sets of Knitters Pride Nova Cubics interchangeable needles in a display case with a few other needle sets.  I like the Knitters Pride Symfonie Cubics interchangeables, and use them often. These sets are similarly priced, from wherever they are purchased.  I didn't go to the shop intending to spend more than a few dollars on cables, but the opportunity to add to my Cubics arsenal at a discount, and without any shipping charges caused me to change my original plan.  

They came in a gray fabric and clear vinyl case, along with a selection of  4 cables (one 24", two 32", and one 40"), 8 end caps, 4 cable keys and a set of cord connectors.  I'm looking forward to using them in the next project I cast on, of appropriate gauge.  

Thursday, December 26, 2013

No Full Moon Necessary

My last Christmas gift was mailed on December 16.  That was temporary - the last gift part.  Then, as usually happens, being stressless causes temporary insanity.  As I wrapped presents, I looked at the boxes of goodies for the women who work in our apartment building.  I remembered that last year, I attached crocheted snowflakes to their packages and thought, "How can I not attach a snowflake to each this year?" (And no, in that mental state of instability I neglected to take photos of them last year, and did the same last week.)  So, I scrolled through several crocheted snowflake patterns, found one and made 3.  I added hooks and tied them onto the already wrapped gifts.  I was finally done.

Then, I drifted further into a state of non compos mentis. I thought about the next door neighbor's cat.  Really! It was sheer madness.   I have never given Samie Cat a gift. I'm not even really a cat person!  I remembered that I'd seen some curly cat toy to crochet.

 It's meant to hang on the door knob so the feline recipient can swat it around.  I looked through my stash and my husband snapped me out of my trans by telling me he wanted me to order a particular thing for Christmas for myself. He wanted it to be a surprise, but didn't want to get the wrong thing.  I had to spend some time online.  Then, the package was going to arrive the next day at no additional charge, and when it did, I needed to (and wanted to) spend some time with it. In retrospect, I'm thankful for the intervention.  I don't know what I'm going to do next year.  I have to overcome this urge to burden myself needlessly.

As far as a door knob hanging swat toy goes, what  Samie Cat doesn't know, won't hurt him.  
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