Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hip To Be Square

No, I'm not trying to rip off the book title from a few years ago.  I'm writing about knitting needles! 

[I haven't posted anything since March 2, over 5 months ago.  I fractured my wrist and the recovery has been slow and I'm nowhere near fully recovered - but that's another story.  My long absence was due to the wrist and all the attendant life adjustments it caused.  I hope to resume a somewhat usual blogging schedule with this post.]

Hip to be square....that's me.  When my OT told me to pick up my knitting for therapy (one of the dozen or so types of movements and exercises involved in rehabilitating a musician's shattered radius) I quickly found that my Cubics needles, made by Knitter's Pride and purchased from Webs were much more comfortable to work with than my other needles.  Of course I couldn't and still can't knit for as long periods as I'd like and my gauge is a bit wonky because purling puts a lot of strain on my wrist, but the Cubics were markedly less fatiguing.  

Do you get attached to your needlework tools?  Like especially attached to your knitting needles and crochet hooks?  Well, for me, they are kind of like an instrument, and I become quite attached to my guitars.  It was the same for my ordinary knitting needles. Never the less, I did something I never thought I would or could do.  I sold them!!! 

It was a killer.  I put up 2 Ebay auctions. One was for all my Knitter's Pride  DPNs and Interchangeable circulars (from both Knit Picks and Webs.)   The other was for my single point Pony Pearls.  It was harder than I thought it would be to part with them, but I used the proceeds to beef up my collection of square needles. I did get a very nice Ravelry (where I'm sealed4ever) message from the person who purchased the Knitter's Pride needles.  She was so happy and that lessened the feel of loss for me.  I know they're going to make lots of beautiful things.  

I had 2 sets plus a couple of other interchangeable  wood Cubics tips but I also wanted the nickel ones (Nova Cubics).  I also found some very small sized fixed circulars from Kollage.  Some pink ones by Kollage were made  for Pattern Works and were being discontinued.  I like to make socks 2 at a time on 2 circs, so having 2 different color or length needles is usually how I  roll.  I spent more that the selling price of the 2 lots of needles. I'm on a tight budget, but between my low spirits and that I want to knit, even if for limited periods of time, with less distress, we considered my expenditure more like a necessity than an indulgence.  

Right now, I'm working on a KAL  from Edie Eckman.  If you have read this blog for any amount of time, you know, I love Edie Eckman.   I'm doing the just-manageable CreativeBug Knit Your Cables Afghan.  (If you don't want to do the KAL, you can pick up each week's square on Red Heart's web site.) Knitting a cable square a week is about what I can do.  The non-cable squares in the pattern are bias garter - which is good for me right now -- NO PURLING.   The other WIPs I had when I fractured my wrist are still WIPs.  I'm hoping to be able to spend longer and longer periods knitting and crocheting as time goes on.  (An account about the yarn I'm using for the afghan will be in a subsequent post.)

Oh, yes... I did also get one pair of single point Nova Cubics.  I use circulars exclusively, but thought I have to have at least 1 pair of straight single point needles, just in case

But those poor single points are starting to look awfully lonely.

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