Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Totally Red Hot

Am I same person who recently blogged they I don't usually purchase pattern books?!? Uhhh... Maybe I should restate it. Ordinarily, if and when I purchase patterns, they are e-patterns, but I'm in the midst of realization. In the  cases when I buy print patterns, they're frequently Tahki Stacy Charles.  I was happily surprised that an LYS, that I was told, closed, actually moved a few towns away.  When I found them, I had to cruise the shop.  While there, I purchased

a few balls of Sade yarn, which I didn't need, but couldn't resist the discount 

a Bryspun Fix It Tool

some larger-than-what-I-already-have yarn needles

the TSC Fall/Winter pattern book Red Hot

As soon as I saw the cover in the TSC newsletter to which I subscribe, and have for several years, I had read about this pattern book.  As soon as I saw the cover sweater, I knew was going to have to make it.  RED HOT contains 26 patterns, primarily sweaters, but some accessories.   The TSC yarns called for are:

Diana Color

These are the designs that appeal to me the most

the Karolina Scarf and the Karlie Shawl

the Sasha Cowl and the Samantha Jacket

the Selita Jacket and the Anne Cowl

the Marloes Cowl and the Doutzen Jacket

I also really like the Lily Cardigan and the Adriana Top.

All that said, the first of these designs that I will make is the cover sweater, which is called the Cara Pullover.  I love it.   I adore the colorway in which it was knit - which is unusual for me.  I'm a black/gray/silver lover but I'm thinking I may use some bolder, more surprising palette.  We'll see.  The problem is that with my wrist still not fully recovered (if it ever will be) from its pulverized fracture last February, I'll be thrilled if my few current WIPs are completed by the end of the year.  That takes a bit of the wind out of my sails and  squelches my mojo if I think about it for  too long.   

In looking over the purchased pattern books I have, I just came to the realization that the Tahki Stacy Charles aesthetic really resonates with me.  That isn't to dis any other designers. There are plenty I admire.  But when it comes to actually plunking down my cash, TSC rules the day. I think, the aesthetics that draw me over and over again are texture and innovation.  Whether it is the edgy angles of the Cara Pullover or the fresh designs in any of their previous books, they always call my name.   I'm glad I answered last week.  

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