Sunday, November 30, 2014

Missing Mojo: The New Face of the Season

I can't believe it's been over 3 months since I last blogged.  

This is the first time I can remember being in the midst of the Thanksgiving weekend, when I didn't have a list of completed knit or crochet projects as well as some to finish for gift giving.  No, it's not because I began in June, as I used to, and am ahead of schedule for my yarn crafted gifts.  Oh, if it were only so! 

My yarn crafting mojo has been fits and starts since I began rehab after my wrist fracture.  The physical healing process is approaching completion but it's a pretty depressing state of affairs.  I won't regain the flexion I really need to play guitar at the level I did before the terrible day.  It's a hard reality for me.  Add to that, that I still haven't completed a crocheted afghan that was meant to be a wedding gift last May, and it's pretty deflating. 

In an effort to jump start that elusive mojo, that has never been elusive before, I began the Edie Eckman Knit Your Cables KAL with a friend who knits and had never done a KAL.  It was fun for the first few weeks.  The garter stitch square  was not too rough - remember I was dealing with a wrist that hurt and didn't flex all the way, and serious problems with swelling when ever there was heat or humidity.   After about 5  or 6 weeks, I began to fall behind. I fell behind and that wedding afghan (Sunny Spread by Ellen Gormley) wasn't getting done, either!  

On World Wide Knit In Public Day, I began a Clincher, hoped to be wearing now. I also thought it was such a cool design, that I would make some for gifts.   That's hibernation too, and just makes me feel like a failure.  I can't remember a time that I didn't love, love, love my yarn crafting.  I still love, love, love my yarn crafting.  I just can't seem to do it.    I think I have come up with a solution.

I have put all my UFOs away and out of sight, except for the ball of yarn I need to work on the wedding afghan.  Now, there's nothing on the love seat to convict me every time I sit down to relax or watch TV.  On Thanksgiving, we spent the day at our friend, Jerry's, and while our turkey was roasting and after dinner, I made several afghan squares.  Yay!!  I was hoping to finish the project  by  Christmas.  it would be nice, but a more rational goal is to have it done by February. My DH will be having surgery on December 9 because something has developed that has required our attention for the past few weeks. I'm not going to undermine the pleasant relationship I'm having with my hook and yarn, by adding unnecessary pressure.  I understand that it is acceptable etiquette to give a wedding gift within a year of the wedding.  On that account, I'm sure I will be safe.  The couple understands that the wrist fracture interrupted my entire life, and most particularly my guitar acumen and my yarn crafting.

So, the above explains the "missing mojo" in this blog title, but where's the "new face?"   I recently acquired a Sizzix die cutting machine and have been playing with various paper crafting techniques.  Stay tuned for more on this.  (Some people will be getting packets of cards for Christmas and Hanukkah.) More to follow. 

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