Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015

It's been forever.  I know.  My E-Rex needed surgery, which was quite a surprise to us.  He developed a problem in November that lasted through Thanksgiving and into the first week of December, as we waited for the next available surgery date with his doctor.  We are thankful that the surgery itself, went well, and that his recovery was better and less distressing than we had mentally prepared for.  We were so relieved.  But, I had run myself ragged during those weeks and the ones leading up to Christmas week.  I had a terrible throat and then it went into a cold - so blogging was nowhere on my radar during all that tumult, plus the ever present, "real life" that was going on concurrently.   Of course, I was also in gift-making overdrive too.  The handcrafted gifts this year were cards.  I'll post photos next week.

I'll be back on a blogging schedule with the new year.

As for the mojo-robbing wedding gift afghan, it's 3 motifs from assembly.  I'm hoping to have it done before the end of January.  It will be just like being released from jail.  I think I'm going to need me-yarn-crafting therapy.  I have a couple WIPs that I look forward to getting my fingers on.  

I feel as though 2015 will be liberating and the downer year of 2014 cant' be over soon enough for me.  Well, considering it's just hours away, woo hoo!

I toast the new year and wish everyone a great 2015. 

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