Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's Like Quilt Making, But Not Exactly

So, while I was frustrated and convalescing with the wrist fracture that changed my life, i was kind of antsy.  I couldn't play guitar to any level of satisfaction, was very limited with knitting or crochet, yet I wanted to make something. I like to cook, but that wasn't what I was yearning for.  Forget baking - teeny oven in a teeny apartment.

The answer was cards.  Not playing Bridge or Gin Rummy, but making cards.I don't take and print too many pictures, so scrapbooking, as creative as it is, just isn't for me. But a little creation, made of papers, embellishments, stamped, textured and/or otherwise adorned caught my fancy.  My interest was further piqued when the MGs and I went to a Scrapbook Expo.  Again, the scrapbooking wasn't that appealing, but the card making, that was a perfect fit.  

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know I'm  a  real card mailer because I love to use my various sealing wax seals.

I have been developing my skill, little by little and accumulating tools and supplies.  

The cards I created at first were extremely basic. I used stamps and some punches as well as any embellishments that seemed right.  

A pretty simple thank you

A little more embellished welcome card

When I got a Vintaj die cutting machine, it was a real blessing and freed my creativity.   It enabled me to use shapes within the composition.

This is a marvelous tool.  I have to be careful. Once I begin playing with it, I can't stop!

The advent of die cutting allowed motion and 3-dimensionality in my cards.

Still simple, but using more techniques

By the time Christmas rolled around I made some sets of cards as gifts, which I'll post at another time, and the Christmas card I made my honey, E-Rex was probably my most adept creation up to that point.

This card is a bit more interesting than those before, with a balsa wood panel, 3-D inside sentiment, some sparkle, embossing, pigment ink etc.

Here is my latest.  Again, for E-Rex - his Valentine's Day card.

Using more dimension and layers.

I was trying to determine what attracts me to this new found craft so much.  I think it's because it's like making an art quilt - just smaller and faster.  I enjoy the whole aspect of composition and layout.  There are several techniques I'm interested in learning and mastering such as stenciling and using watercolors.  

In future, I will upload the slide show to my cards.  I'll do my best to put them in chronological order.  

My next project is to organize my work space a little better.

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