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Kate's Shawl Hat Pattern

In August of 2013, I finished my Kate's Shawl. Because I had yarn left over, I made a hat and cowl to go with it.  

On my Ravelry project page, I posted a final sentence, that has finally nudged me out of my complacency, to write out the pattern I "unvented" for the hat.  A few people have DM-ed me and requested it.  I  meant to do it last year when the weather became cold, here in the north east, but I broke my wrist and wasn't keyboarding much.  We have had snow a few times a week recently, and each time I have worn this hat, it has whispered in my ear, "Write out the pattern, write out the pattern, write out the pattern." So, I'm finally doing it.

If you knit or attempted to knit the Kate's Shawl pattern from Red Heart, you very quickly discovered that the pattern stitch written does not work with the yo increases.  As written, the two sides of the shawl have different patterns.  I am so thankful that Ravelry user lizacorrea noted the modifications she used to create the fabric for this cape, as pictured on the Red Heart  pattern page. You can find those mods here.  

When it came to making the hat, those mods weren't  necessary because there were no yo increases.  The following pattern is what I used. It's extremely customizable.  Swatch to get the density/stretch you like. 

Kate's Shawl Hat Downloadable .PDF


Red Heart Soft: 2 oz/6 gr for average woman's hat - swatch not included

Needles: 2 US 6/4.0 mm 24" circular needles OR  a single circular for head circumference size [stretched to 21"] OR long circular for magic loop OR  4 or 5 dpns - type of needle is knitters' choice

Marker: 1 removable to mark 1st stitch of the round, 5 to mark decreases

Gauge: 18 stitches x 24 rows IN PATTERN STITCH = 4"

Pattern Stitch:

Row 1: (Right Side)  *K1, slip 1, k1, yo, pass slipped st over both knit st and yo, k1; repeat from * across.

Row 2: Knit

**In the original pattern this row was a purl row, but since you will be working in the round, you will still be working on the "front" of the hat, so you knit.

Repeat rows 1 and 2


Kate's Hat

Cable Cast On 84 stitches (or any multiple of 4 stitches to achieve the gauge you like)

Join: If using 2 circs, slide half the stitches to the second needle. 

Straighten  your stitches, hold the needles next to each other and slide the stitches on both needles to the opposite ends (where the first and last cast on stitches are, not the center of your cast on stitches) I never thought of photographing these early steps as I improvised this hat

Lift the first cast on stitch (with the loose yarn end) off its needle tip and onto the other needle tip.

Lift the stitch next to the stitch you just moved, which is the last cast on stitch (with the working yarn) over the first stitch you moved, and onto the other needle.  

      Result: the first and last cast on stitches have switched needles, which connected your work.  This is where you want to re-examine that your stitches are all sitting properly on the needles, without any twists.  If you find problems, fix them and take a deep breath. It's easy sailing from here.

Ribbing: K1, attach marker to the stitch you just made, K1, P2  *K2 P2*  to end

Continue in the K2 P2 rib to length of 1.5 inches (or any length you like, if you have extra yarn)

Hat: Begin Pattern Stitch, alternating Row 1 and Row 2. Continue in the round, moving the beginning of the row marker as necessary until hat and rib measure 5.5 " or 4" longer than the ribbing. If you prefer a slouchy hat, knit longer.  Transfer  End with Row 2

Decreases: Count your stitches, divide that number by 6. (example 84 divided by 6 = 14) If you don't get a whole number, no worries - fudging on top of your head is allowable.  place 5 markers (M) ever 1/6 of the circumference of the hat (no need for the first stitch)

Row 1: *K2tog, continue in pattern until M*

Row 2-12 repeat Row 1, 11 more times - total of 12 decrease rounds.

6 stitches remain

Cut long yarn so you have a 10" tail.  Thread it on a needle and sweep through the  6 stitches left on the needles. go through a second time if you can. Pull tightly. Knot on the inside.

Finishing: Weave in ends and enjoy your hat. Wear it with Kate's Shawl or with anything else.

I enjoy wearing this hat because it's stretchy and has just enough texture to be interesting but understated.  

If you find any errors here, forgive me and let me know. I'll revise the pattern. I didn't make any notes when I knit Kate's Hat, 2 years ago.  If I make another - which I'm entertaining, and devise any improvements, I will amend the pattern. 

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