Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mojo Killer Slain or Finally an FO

Friday, February 20 (2015)  marked one year since fracturing my left wrist.  That's a pretty simple statement and a plain sentence, but it doesn't begin to capture the profundity of it.  

I won't bore you with reiterating  the whole, life-long guitarist with a broken left wrist thing. If you've been reading about Bono never playing guitar again since his wrist fracture, you get the drift. I can hold and so-called, "play," but I can't really play anymore. 

Aside from the professional and personal pursuit of my whole life dying in a way, some collateral damage from breaking my wrist was that my beloved yarn crafts also suffered.  My therapist encouraged me to do my knitting and crochet therapeutically, as tolerated.  And it took quite a while to tolerate long periods of knitting or crocheting.  All the effects of the broken wrist were literally, depressing.

It seemed as though I was working on Ellen Gormley's Sunny Spread, which is now a free pattern from Red Heart,  forever.  I began it in late December of 2013, after Christmas, as a gift for a young couple from church who were getting married in May of 2014.  I thought I would have plenty of time to finish it. Crochet goes quickly. Right???

After splint and casts and tons of physical therapy, I gradually rehabbed enough to crochet for limited periods in which I could actually get something done.  Every time I looked at my WIPs, which morphed into UFOs in my mind, I felt so sad and as though even thinking about ever finishing them, was futile. I repeatedly tried to set dates by which I would complete them.  When that wasn't working for me - in fact, causing me all kinds of distress, I resigned myself to that the very late gift would be completed when it was completed - hopefully before the couple's first anniversary, in May.  I couldn't even think about the other projects. 

Everything changed on Thursday, February 19th.  I wove the last end into Stephanie and Jay's Sunny Spread afghan.  

detail from Sunny Spread

I couldn't believe I had finally finished it.   It was late in the evening, and I had been at it for a while.  To my surprise, the first thing I did, after setting the FO aside to be laundered prior to giving it to the newlyweds, was to pull the 2 WIPs, which had been in hibernation. 

I had stored them somewhere out of sight, because every time I looked at them I had a swell of emotions - not good ones - which were usually accompanied by tears.  This whole past year has been an emotional roller coaster. 

I have already resumed happy, mindless knitting on my Clincher bandana, which I thought I'd be wearing this winter, but perhaps it will be finished before  spring weather arrives.  The block-of-the-month KAL afghan I tried to knit during the summer and couldn't, has renewed appeal to me.  I still like it and will definitely finish it.  

So, I'm encouraged to report that the mojo killer (my late wedding present, which seemed to take forever to crochet) Sunny Spread has been laid to rest, and with it, I am sincerely looking forward to finishing my WIPs and beginning some new projects. I think that because I completed the project before the anniversary of my injury, in some way, it made a difference.  Sort of like the psychological difference between the prices of $9.99 and $10.00.  

If your mojo has been killed by some external influence, I hope you will be able to climb out of the fog, and have your zeal and attitude refreshed.  For me, it took getting that project done before the 20th. I feel like I can breath again, and that my gloom is lifting. 

For info and photos of my Sunny Spread project, it will be my next post.

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