my seal collection

These were collected from the 60's until now. I only collect seals I plan to use with an exception or 2. Some, purchased at antique shows or online pre-date my collecting. I store and organize them by category. That way, they're easy to find.I keep the in a little storage unit made for bits and pieces of hardware, like nuts and bolts and washers etc. The little slide-out drawers are clear. I used my Brother P-Touch to label drawers with their contents, like : small flowers, hearts, monograms etc. There are also drawers for sealing wax, tweezers, melting spoon and alcohol burner (which I never use but it came with a set of seals). Sealing wax is grouped by its mailability. Some wax is fine for gifts or hand delivered cards, but doesn't stand up to mailing. Other wax is more pliable and adheres very well, and that's the kind to put through the mail. If it's too hard or too brittle, it will crack off before it arrives at its destination.I'm sure "serious collectors" who have collected wax seals for a shorter time than I, have many more seals. For me, it's not about the quantity, but rather if I will use it on correspondence or on a gift, etc. Having seals to have them, rather than for an intended use, doesn't appeal to me. It's an inexpensive, different kind of thing to collect. There are a few vintage ones I ordinarily check Ebay for, and every month or 2 I do a search to see if there is anything available that I'd like/use. My close friends and family know that when I correspond with them, there will be an appropriate wax seal securing the contents of the envelope. In this age of advanced technology - which I relish and use - I enjoy the civility a wax sealed (4 ever) communication extends to its recipient. Here is my collection: (I will update as necessary.)


  • Heart-shaped Leaf (chrome mini) [Stuart Houghton]
  • Aspen Leaf (chrome mini) [Stuart Houghton]
  • Maple Leaf
  • Leafless Tree
  • Turkey


  • Dove [Hallmark]
  • Owl [Olde Tower]
  • Pelican 


  • Happy Birthday (Murano glass handle) [Freund Mayer]
  • Teddy Bear [Freund Mayer]
  • Graduation Cap [Freund Mayer]
  • Birthday Cake [Stuart Houghton]
  • Rocking Horse [Stuart Houghton]
  • Baby Feet [Stuart Houghton]
  • Baby Carriage [Stuart Houghton]


  • Alpha  Omega (Greek Letters)
  • Cross (14 k ring w/cut-out)
  • Praying Hands [Olde Tower]
  • Cross on Open Bible
  • Lutheran Rose (Rose w/Cross in center)
  • Shamrock [Freund Mayer]
  • Maker's Mark
  • Cross [7 Gypsies]
  • Relief Cross [7 Gypsies]
  • Icthus [7 Gypsies]
  • WWJD [7 Gypsies]
  • Trinity Symbol [7 Gypsies]
  • Cross (silver fob)
  • Claddagh (siver ring)


  • Merry Christmas (Murano glass handle) [Freund Mayer]
  • Merry Christmas (cross handle)
  • Joy [Freund Mayer]
  • Holly w/ Berries [Mura]
  • Partridge in Pear Tree w/silver handle (not engraved but relief) [Blackinton Webster Smith]
  • Bell with Ribbon [Hallmark]


  • You've Got Mail [Freund Mayer]
  • Thanks [Hallmark]
  • RSVP [Freund Mayer]
  • Quill Pen, Ink and Paper (terra cota handle)
  • Caution [Olde Tower]
  • Friends [7 Gypsies]
  • Hello [Hallmark]
  • RSVP [Hallmark]
  • Thank You [Stuart Houghton]

Design Element:

  • Fleur Du Lys [Stuart Houghton chrome mini]
  • Flourish [7 Gypsies]


  • Rose  [Mura] (my very 1st seal)
  • Daisy [Hallmark]
  • Daisy [Freund Mayer]
  • Daisy 
  • Tulip
  • Forget-Me-Nots in a Heart [Freund Mayer]
  • Basket of Flowers [Hallmark]
  • Basket of Flowers (other) [Hallmark]
  • Ribbon-tied Flower [Avon]
  • Generic Flower [Olde Tower]
  • Bouquet [Stuart Houghton]


  • Heart within a Heart [Hallmark]
  • Intertwined Curvy Hearts [Gartner]
  • Heart [Stuart Houghton]
  • Curlique Heart (silver fob)
  • Row of 4 small Hearts


  • Lion [Freund Mayer]
  • Large Shield [Olde Tower]
  • Small Shield [Freund Mayer]
  • Crown [Freund Mayer]


  • Lady Bug [Hallmark]
  • Butterfly [Hallmark]
  • Dragon Fly (not engraved, but relief)


  • Menorah (7 branch) 
  • Menorah (9 branch) [Freund Mayer]
  • Jewish Star
  • Ask for the Peace of Jerusalem in Hebrew (Sterling ring)


  • LOVE [Hallmark]
  • Love with Lips [Olde Tower]
  • LOVE [Freund Mayer]
  • Love (in script)[Freund Mayer]
  • HUGS XOXO  [7 Gypsies]
  • With Love
  • SWAK [Freund Mayer]
  • Clasped Hands
  • Danger Love Bug [Olde Tower]
  • Love Ya [Olde Tower]
  • I Love You (sign language) [Freund Mayer]


  • EAD
  • DAA
  • D ornate [Freund Mayer]
  • D ornate (silver pendant) [Freund Mayer]
  • D ornate (silver ring) [Freund Mayer]
  • D [Hallmark]
  • A (octagonal w/lion handle)
  • D (silver fob) [Freund Mayer]
  • A [Hallmark]


  • Coffee/Tea Cup (chrome mini) [Stuart Houghton]
  • Apple
  • Strawberry [Hallmark]
  • Apple [Hallmark]
  • Mushroom [Hallmark]


  • Treble Clef [Freund Mayer]
  • Eighth Note (chrome mini) [Stuart Houghton]


  • US Flag [Freund Mayer]
  • USA 1776 - 1976 [Freund Mayer]
  • Liberty Bell w/Sterling handle (not engraved but releif) [Blackinton Webster Smith]


  • Sunbonnet Sue [Hallmark]


  • 2000 [Freund Mayer]
  • DTA

Sand and Sea:

  • Anchor
  • Fish
  • Shell [Freund Mayer]
  • Light House [Freund Mayer]
  • Life Preserver
  • Sailboat
  • Sea Horse [Freund Mayer]
  • Starfish
  • Ship's Wheel


  • Double Wedding Rings [Stuart Houghton]
  • Double Wedding Bells [Stuart Houghton]


  • Snowman [Freund Mayer]
  • Snowflake [Freund Mayer]

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